Zara and Mike Tindall children: Their humble parenting style –

Published On: Wed, Aug 18th, 2021

Zara and Mike Tindall children: Their humble parenting style

As royals, Zara and Mike are permanently in the public eye, but the down-to-earth couple does not let that impact how they raise their children. The Tindall’s have been known to encourage competitiveness among their children which helps to keep them grounded.

With an Olympic equestrian and a former English rugby union player as parents, it would come as no surprise that Mia and Lena are encouraged to enjoy healthy competition.

On ‘Joe’s House of Rugby’ podcast, Mike revealed his eldest daughter is already showing a keen interest in sport, and he is trying to make the six-year-old youngster “more competitive” by refusing to let her win.

Over the 2019 Christmas period, Mike was pictured teaching Mia how to surf in Australia before he raced her to the shore.

Fellow co-host and good friend James Haskell observed how Mike “flat out beat” his daughter.

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But Mike defended his actions, explaining he is “trying to make her more competitive is what I was trying to do.”

Zara’s two eldest children have shown an interest in horse riding, even at a really young age.

The Queen’s granddaughter told Australian publication Now to Love: “They both ride.

“Lena is in a little basket on the saddle, purely a passenger. But we just bought Mia a new pony called Magic.”


Mike talked about how pets were providing lots of learning opportunities for his children.

He said: “I love that they have the opportunity of working with animals, being outside, all the traditions that you learn with treating an animal.

“Looking after your stuff, looking after the animals, and learning good balance, all those skills you learn.”

Zara and Mike both have exciting respective careers, and Zara’s, in particular, was unique because she was a member of the Royal Family.

However, not having a title allowed her to live a more private life with fewer restrictions, and she ended up becoming an Olympic athlete.

Zara’s children are 21st, 22nd, and 23rd in line to the throne respectively, so they are able to enter careers of their choice without the restrictions their cousins George, Charlotte, and Louis will encounter.

She told The Telegraph in 2014 that she would prefer their children to choose their own career path.

Zara joked: “I’m going to keep [Mia] away from horses and rugby.”

But riding and rugby are still encouraged as hobbies.

Speaking on his The Good, The Bad & The Rugby podcast, Mike said: “Mia played rugby for the first time this week down at Minch.

“She enjoyed it actually and she’s going to do football for the first time this weekend as well.

“She’s a chip off the old block. She just likes to truck it up, but we’ll work on that.”

The royal couple has ensured Mia and Lena spend lots of time with their extended family.

The little girls are often pictured with their cousins Savannah and Isla, including at events such as the Festival of British Eventing in August 2019.

Meanwhile, both Zara and her brother Peter Phillips live on the Gatcombe Park estate in Gloucestershire, so their close proximity means their daughters can also enjoy going for rides together.

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