‘Utterly life changing’ – family learn they can save £900 per month | Personal Finance | Finance –

Published On: Wed, Aug 25th, 2021

‘Utterly life changing’ – family learn they can save £900 per month | Personal Finance | Finance

The family learned that if they can manage their spending habits, they could be saving hundreds of pounds a month. They didn’t know how to manage the situation better so turned to the Channel 4 experts for help.

During the episode, which aired this week, financial planner Emmanuel Asuquo explained: “I see it all time, where people have savings, and they have debt, and they like to keep the two separate.

“I want to tell them to pay off that debt.

“This will actually give them an extra £900 a month and they’ve got the money to pay off their debt.”

Throughout the month, Anita tried to show Alex and Rohini the error of their ways through secret filming to expose their spending habits.

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Ms Rani said: “By drawing down on some of your savings I can reveal to you that you will be better off by the grand sum of £15,860.”

The bulk of their savings come from paying off the debt and spending less on groceries.

But by doing additional things such as having fewer treats and takeaways, and by switching energy suppliers, the money saved really adds up over the coming year.

The family also found that they could make great savings by selling gadgets they had in their shed.

They could save an additional £385 just from selling things they hardly use anymore.

“You don’t have to do a lot to have extra money in bank … I know you can do it,” Anita explained to them.

Alex said: “I just can’t believe we’re at a situation where we could be saving over 15 grand.

“That’s utterly life-changing.”

Rohini added: “I can already feel the shift in our thinking, and I think it will be life-changing, yeah.”

Ms Rani asked the couple about the biggest thing they had learnt on the show.

Alex said: “Just that there are things in your house, your house that you walk past, and you think one day I’ll use that.

“But you’re not going to use it.”

By sorting through one’s belongings, and selling what one doesn’t actually need, it’s possible to make a big difference in savings.

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