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Published On: Mon, Aug 23rd, 2021

The Beatles: ‘Fed up’ George Harrison wrote scathing track about band | Music | Entertainment

In the final years of The Beatles the band members were beginning to become a little more hostile towards one another. While recording their final album, 1970’s Let It Be, they were filmed arguing and disagreeing over how their music ought to be played and finalised. These debacles were demonstrated in the 1970 film of the same name. To follow this up, George Harrison began writing music to quell his feelings – one of which was Wah-Wah.

George’s track Wah-Wah was included on his solo triple album All Things Must Pass, which was also released in 1970.

The song included a number of scathing lyrics that were no doubt pointed at his bandmates.

At one point the Quiet Beatle sarcastically sang: “You’ve made me such a big star / Being there at the right time / Cheaper than a dime.”

He later crooned: “Now I don’t need no wah-wah / And I know how sweet life can be / If I keep myself free.”

Speaking to Musician Magazine in 1987, George confessed: “I just got so fed up with the bad vibes.”

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George went on: “And that arguments with Paul were getting put in the [Let It Be] film. I didn’t care if it was the Beatles, I was getting out.”

In 2000 he also explained how confining it was writing music in The Beatles.

He said: “There was too much restriction [in the Beatles]. It had to self-destruct.

“I could see a much better time ahead being by myself, away from the band … It was like a straitjacket.”

George was also joined by his good friend Eric Clapton who played electric guitar on Wah-Wah as well.

Wah-Wah wasn’t the only track he wrote about the band.

He also penned the song Sue Me Sue You Blues, which focussed on members of the band suing one another in the 1970s.

The track included the lyrics: “Bring your lawyer / And I’ll bring mine / Get together, and we could have a bad time.”

Paul McCartney eventually spoke out about the tension in the band, saying: “Around that time, we had millions of [law]suits flying here, flying there.

“George wrote the Sue Me, Sue You Blues about it. I’d kicked it all off originally, having to sue the other three Beatles in the High Court, and that opened Pandora’s box.”

McCartney admitted: “After that, everybody just seemed to be suing everybody.” (Via Rolling Stone)


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