Published On: Thu, Aug 18th, 2022

Patrick Swayze’s widow celebrates Dirty Dancing star’s 70th birthday: ‘He’s still with me’ | Films | Entertainment

It’s been almost 13 years since Patrick Swayze died at just 57 years old, after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. During his lifetime, the star was named Sexiest Man Alive and received three Golden Globe Award nominations, two of which were for his most famous movies Dirty Dancing and Ghost.

Patrick married Lisa Niemi Swayze in 1975 and today she’s paid a touching tribute to her late husband.

Posting a black and white snap of the couple in the early LA days, she encouraged his fans to watch her Dirty Dancing 35th anniversary interview with Entertainment Tonight this evening.

In a short teaser of private memories his widow intends on sharing in tonight’s special, she said: “I feel like he is with me every day.”

And the rest of her Instagram post laid out an emotional message of what she thought Patrick would think of how he’d affected other people’s lives.

Lisa added: “It’s kind of a funny thing, because as it started to hurt less, I actually have felt closer to Patrick. I think in some ways the terrible pain was blocking me from everything. It’s moved to a place where I miss him every day. I talk to him every day. And he’s still in my life; it’s just a different relationship now because he’s not physically here. But he’s still in my life, and he’s still in my heart and he’s with me every day.”


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