Published On: Sat, Jul 30th, 2022

‘Pain in the a**’ Steve McQueen begged forgiveness from famous co-stars when he was dying | Films | Entertainment

Brynner was also notoriously sensitive about his height, at just under 5’7. Shooting outside, he would scuff the earth and dirt into low mounds for him to stand on so that he looked taller. McQueen, in return, would casually flatten them as he walked past.

He later said: “We didn’t get along. Brynner came up to me in front of a lot of people and grabbed me by the shoulder. He was mad about something. He doesn’t ride well and knows nothing about guns, so maybe he thought I represented a threat. I was in my element. He wasn’t.

“When you work in a scene with Yul, you’re supposed to stand perfectly still, 10 feet away. Well, I don’t work that way.”

And McQueen certainly wasn’t prepared to tolerate being manhandled by his co-star.

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