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Kate Winslet compares herself to Adele: ‘Not in a bathrobe gobbling Prozac!’ | Films | Entertainment

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Tonight, Kate Winslet stars alongside Hollywood stalwart Leonardo DiCaprio in Revolutionary Road, which airs on BBC Two from 11.15pm. The relationship drama is set in Fifties Connecticut, and follows the life of suburban couple Frank and April Wheeler, who have two children and enjoy a financially comfortable life. Yet, struggles begin to emerge when April, announces she wants the family to move to France so she can reawaken her dream of becoming an actress, and their apparently unbreakable union begins to shatter.

Directed by Sam Mendes, the 2008 film was nominated for three Academy Awards, and saw Winslet and DiCaprio reunite on-screen for the first time since 1997’s blockbuster Titanic.

Kenneth Turan, of the Los Angeles Times, wrote after the film’s release that it took the “skill of stars Winslet and DiCaprio” to “get this film to a place it involves and moves us”.

He added: “His [Mendes] gift for eliciting naturalness, the core of this film finally cries out to us today, makes us see that the notion of characters struggling with life, with the despair of betraying their best selves because of what society will or won’t allow, is as gripping and relevant now as it ever was. Or ever will be.”

Winslet is rightly considered among Britain’s most enduring actresses, carving out a brilliant back catalogue that merges a variety of roles with critical acclaim.

Kate Winslet compares herself to Adele: 'Not in a bathrobe gobbling Prozac!'

Kate Winslet compares herself to Adele: ‘Not in a bathrobe gobbling Prozac!’ (Image: GETTY)

Kate Winslet with Leonardo DiCapprio

Kate Winslet with Leonardo DiCapprio (Image: GETTY)

While she didn’t win an Oscar for Revolutionary Road, the same year she finally collected the award she dreamed of thanks to her role in The Reader.

Another of her most challenging roles was Labor Day, and after its release in 2014, Winslet spoke to Reuters about her career, and compared it to others who have built a reputation on honing their emotions.

Labor Day was based on a novel by Joyce Maynard, and is the epitome of romantic melodrama.

Throughout her performance in the film, Winslet is celebrated for bringing realism to her role, and when detailing how she did it, she compared it to British singer Adele.

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Kate Winslet with co-star Leonardo DiCapprio

Kate Winslet with co-star Leonardo DiCapprio (Image: GETTY)

She said: “Although Adele does live this utterly damaged life, she isn’t just walking around in her bathrobe gobbling Prozac — she is actually doing it, she is raising her son and she’s raising a lovely boy.

“She has not given up. And I truly related to her on that level because I don’t give up, either.

“I pick myself up, and get on with it.”

The star, who was born in Reading, also discussed the impact becoming a Hollywood superstar at such a young age had on her.

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Kate Winslet and her parents, with her Oscar

Kate Winslet and her parents, with her Oscar (Image: GETTY)

Though she had starred in a series of other films before Titanic was released, nothing truly prepared her for the acclaim the film garnered.

Titanic, alongside Ben Hur and The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, is the only film to sweep an astounding 11 Oscars in one single ceremony.

She continued: “I was 21. To be suddenly famous is one thing, but to be suddenly famous, to be followed, to have your home staked out — and with no bodyguards, no security — that was quite different.

“And yet, in a way, my life did not change.

Filming locations in UK

Filming locations in UK (Image: EXPRESS)

“I had a little flat in North London before the film and after the film I went right back to it. Just because the film did what it did, didn’t mean I was suddenly going to live in a six-million-pound house in LA.”

Winslet, now 46, admitted that she “wasn’t ready to be a famous accomplished actor”, as she still had a “lot to learn”.

The star concluded: “But in a way saying no wasn’t difficult because I’m quite strong — even headstrong.

“And I knew no matter what, I had to steer my own course.”

Revolutionary Road airs tonight from 11.15pm on BBC Two.

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