Published On: Mon, Oct 4th, 2021

James Bond: The seven major shock deaths in No Time To Die | Films | Entertainment

Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond has seen a number of big deaths across his first four movies as 007. From villains, Le Chiffre, Dominic Greene and Silva to Vesper Lynd and Dame Judi Dench’s M, the Bond film franchise has not held back in recent years. And now it turns out there’s plenty of time to die for seven major characters in No Time To Die, which hit UK cinemas today. WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS FOR NO TIME TO DIE AHEAD.

001: Felix Leiter

After missing out on Skyfall and Spectre, Bond’s CIA buddy Felix returned for No Time To Die.

Having liaised with 007 in Jamaica and then meeting up after Cuba on a boat, the duo are betrayed by the CIA’s Logan Ash, who turns out to be working for Safin.

Shooting Felix and escaping with scientist Valdo Obruchev, Ash leaves the spies to drown in the sinking ship.

However, Felix succumbed to his wounds and died in Bond’s arms before 007 escaped.

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002: Ernest Stavro Blofeld

Bond’s arch-nemesis met his fate after 007 came to visit him for answers in Belmarsh prison.

Losing his temper, Bond strangled Blofeld, before stopping after Tanner intervened.

However, having touched the Spectre chief’s skin with his nano-bot infected hands, the ultimate 007 villain was a goner.

003: Logan Ash

Safin’s double agent met his end in the woods of Norway when Bond pushed an upturned Land Rover down on Ash, crushing him to death.

007: James Bond

The most shocking death of the film is the franchise’s boldest yet. For the first time ever, James Bond has been killed off.

After stopping Safin’s evil plan, 007 was blown up in the missile strike on the villain’s island lair that was ordered by M.

While this Bond is definitely dead, No Time To Die concluded with the promise that “James Bond Will Return”

Of course, this will be another actor playing Bond in another universe, just as Craig’s incarnation was to his predecessors. But for now, 007 is well and truly dead.

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