Published On: Thu, Aug 4th, 2022

Inside Prince Charles’s close bond with the Queen Mother – ‘I do miss her’

Today (August 4) marks the birthday of the late  whom was famously very close to until she died in 2002. takes a look back at Charles and the Queen Mother’s adorable relationship over the years.

The Queen Mother died 20 years ago, but Prince Charles showed that she still holds a special place in his heart when he spoke to attendees at the Sandringham Flower Show last month.

In a video which has gained traction online, Charles was heard telling guests: “I can’t remember how many years I’ve been coming, but I used to come with my grandmother every year.”

He added: “I do miss her, I must say. But she’d be so pleased it keeps going.”

Charles’ recent tribute to his grandmother is one of many he has made since her death in 2002.

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When Charles decided to marry Camilla Parker-Bowles in 2005, he proposed with a diamond ring from the Queen Mother’s collection, which the Duchess now wears with pride every day.

And in the year of her death in 2002, Charles dedicated a special garden to the Queen Mother at the Chelsea Flower Show which he toured with the Queen that year.

Upon her death, Charles said he was “utterly devoted” to the Queen Mother in a moving speech.

He said: “She was quite simply the most magical grandmother you could possibly have, and I was utterly devoted to her.

And as Charles prepared for his royal role as a young adult, the Queen Mother was thought to be a great support to him.

Ahead of his formal investiture as the Prince of Wales in 1969, the Queen Mother was thought to have written to him: “My darling Charles, I can’t tell you what charming and heart-warming things I am always hearing about you.

“Everyone loves you and is proud of you and I absolutely know you will be able to do wonderful things for this country.

“Not only in leadership but by being your own kind-hearted, loving and intelligent and funny self.”

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