Published On: Mon, Aug 8th, 2022

How to save money on bills: Clever ways to save water and cut monthly bill

One “no-brainer” is turning the tap off when brushing your teeth. Simply wet your toothbrush before brushing, and while brushing for two minutes, keep the tap off. Only turn the tap back on once you’ve spat the toothpaste out to wash it down the drain. 

Alice also revealed: “A shower, 10 litres every minute. You stand in there for 10 minutes, you’re using 100 litres of water. 

“Showers are better than baths, but a family of four, if they are on metred-water and if they reduced their shower time, each of them, by one minute, they’d save £45 a year.

“A bath is about 150 litres,” Alice explained. “You could go Wim Hof – if you go Wim Hof, really good short, sharp cold showers – fantastic for your immune system, circulation, you’ll come out invigorated.

“Or get yourself an aerated showerhead, really good, from £30 and mixes air in with the water. 

“Don’t forget, little flush!” The expert added. “If you’ve got one of those dual flush buttons on your toilet, (small and a large flush), use the little flush every time. It saves two litres every flush.” 

Alice also advised against cleaning your car: “Celebrate it being dirty, or use a bucket.

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