Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2022

Fire Of Love: A documentary following the death of a curious French Geochemist | Films | Entertainment

Their deaths in 1991 hangover this fascinating documentary about the daring duo who transformed our knowledge of nature’s most destructive forces.

Using dramatic footage shot by Maurice over decades of expeditions, director Sara Dosa offers spectacular close-up views of exploding rocks and rivers of bubbling lava.

This is a love story about a couple consumed by the fieriest of passions.

Born in war-torn Alsace, they were outsiders who, disappointed by humanity, found solace in elemental forces.

They eschewed academia for daredevil self-funded fieldwork, revolutionising our understanding of tectonic plates and developing early-warning systems for erupting volcanoes.

In interviews, they seemed to accept that one day their passion would kill them.

“I prefer an intense and short life, to a monotonous long one,” says Maurice.

  • Fire Of Love, Cert PG, In cinemas now

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