Entrepreneur shares how TikTok made her five-digit sales in a single day | Personal Finance | Finance –

Published On: Wed, Sep 1st, 2021

Entrepreneur shares how TikTok made her five-digit sales in a single day | Personal Finance | Finance

Partner in Wine designs insulated wine bottles and tumblers, and after going viral on TikTok Ms Hitchcock saw sales increase by 1700 percent in a single day. Now, the brand has been making consistent five-digit revenue every month and is stocked in Selfridges, due to make its debut into another high street store shortly.

Partner in Wine keeps any wine at its ideal temperature with its insulated bottles which can fit a full 750ml of wine and insulated tumblers to match.

The bottles are able to keep cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12 hours, it is also BPA-free, leak-proof and vacuum sealed to ensure the wine doesn’t lose any freshness while being transported.

Designed with aesthetic and practicality in mind, these bottles and tumblers are the must-have for any wine-on-the-go fans. 

March 2021 saw record breaking sales when Ms Hitchcock shared her business story on the social media platform TikTok. The instant viral sensation got half a million views in 12 hours and saw an item selling every two minutes.

Soon after, Partner in Wine confirmed the iconic retailer Selfridges as its very first stockist.

Ms Hitchcock founded Partner in Wine during the summer of 2020, already having had a taste of entrepreneurship with her digital marketing business Sassy Digital. 

After attempting to have a drink in the park with a friend, and being so disappointed with the warm rosé as the day went one, she realised there was a gap in the market she intended to fill. 

I had company, which was lovely, but I missed my friends. When we were finally allowed to see people outside again in the early summer, I arranged to join my best friend Maddie for a drink in the park – socially distanced, of course.


“The weather was amazing and after not seeing anyone for months, it was the perfect, and much needed, moment to catch up.

“Cue me popping my favourite bottle of rosé in the basket of my bike, only to realise that by the time I got to see Maddie, my beloved wine was no longer cold. 

“Next time, I debated pouring some of the rosé into my insulated water bottle – but it wasn’t big enough to hold a whole bottle and I worried it would make my water taste like wine.

“So my mum handed me a sad little insulated wine bag that she’d been given as a promotional gift, which half-solved the problem but didn’t look very cool. 

“After one or two glasses of disappointingly warm rosé, I realised there must be a better way. And so Partner in Wine was born.”

Ms Hitchcock formed the business fully self-funded, starting with only £3,000.

She noted that social media was instrumental in Partner in Wines’ success: “I launched the product solely relying on sales from Instagram. I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with lots of well known brands which has helped expose us to even more people such as Mirabeau, Doughnut Time, Glossybox UK.

“Since then TikTok has been really instrumental in the viral success of Partner in Wine. I moved into a fulfilment centre in January this year which has also allowed me to spend more time on product development and less time packing boxes!”

However, she commented that this instant success didn’t come without its pitfalls:

“Overnight I had to register Partner in Wine for VAT as the viral video caused us to reach the threshold in three days.

“One tip I’d give for VAT is to make sure that you’re putting it aside so you don’t get any nasty surprises.

“In hand with this, we’re working on forecasting everything so that we can anticipate what our cashflow will look like in terms of marketing budgets and ordering new stock.

“It’s quite hard to forecast when things can go viral, but it does mean that we can keep as much money in the bank as possible to spend on new product development, advertising and stock when we need to.”

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