Elvis movie: Graceland updates on Baz Luhrmann’s ‘lush’ biopic ‘It’s like a time machine’ | Films | Entertainment –

Published On: Mon, Aug 23rd, 2021

Elvis movie: Graceland updates on Baz Luhrmann’s ‘lush’ biopic ‘It’s like a time machine’ | Films | Entertainment

Next summer the Elvis Presley movie biopic will finally hit cinemas. The secretive Warner Bros production has already wrapped in Australia with no sign of film stills or a trailer just yet. But now Graceland have given a tantalising new update on the $150 million blockbuster that will have an exclusive cinematic release and maybe even a premiere at The King’s home.

During this year’s Elvis Week, Managing Partner of Graceland Holdings Joel Weinshanker featured during interviews to update on the Elvis movie.

He shared how before production begin, Baz and The King star Austin Butler visited the Memphis mansion and birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi.

Joel said one of the coolest nights he’s ever had at Graceland was behind the mansion with Baz Luhrmann from 1-5am in the morning where they just talked about who Elvis was.

The Hollywood director really wanted to know what was in Elvis’ mind and what he was trying to achieve to the last day of his life.

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Joel also highlighted how amazing it was to see Austin Butler’s “phenomenal” transformation” into Elvis, despite him not being “the obvious choice” like household names Harry Styles and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who both auditioned for the part.

The Managing Partner of Graceland Holdings also shared: “Tom Hanks is absolutely, transformationally unbelievable in [his performance as Colonel Tom Parker.

“Such time and care was taken into the making of this movie. It’s very easy to empathise with Elvis and this movie makes it even easier.

“This is what’s going to pass down to the next generation and the next generation. This is going to get a whole new generation of fans.”

Joel added: “You actually get that feeling. This movie just takes you to a place and time. It’s almost like a time machine.

“And you’re able to be with Elvis, looking from Elvis’ point of view which I think is really rare, beautiful and unique.”

Given Baz’s stylistic taste in filmmaking, here’s hoping this biopic will be in the same vein of Elton John’s Rocketman, with Elvis singing his hits throughout those big moments of his incredible life and career.

Elvis is released in cinemas on June 3, 2022.

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