Does your cat love you? Expert reveals what these 12 behaviours really mean –

Published On: Wed, Sep 8th, 2021

Does your cat love you? Expert reveals what these 12 behaviours really mean

Cats are notoriously aloof and after spending more time with them over the Covid pandemic, owners are desperate to know more about their pet’s mysterious behaviour and just how much they love them. 

Feline behaviourist Rosie Bescoby says: “It is always said that dogs are man’s best friend, but if you learn what your cat’s behaviours mean, you might get past their aloof ways and become their partner in crime.”

Ms Bescoby has shared her top 12 behaviours that all cat lovers should know:

Making you open the door

While cats are very talented at most things, their eyesight lets them down and they can’t adjust to different light levels quickly. So, when they go through a cat flap or window, this can leave them feeling vulnerable. More to the point, if you had a live-in butler, wouldn’t you expect them to open the door for you anyway?

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Sleeping on anything you are reading

Cats will do just about anything to get attention, and this is just one of many clever ways they have learnt to do just that.

Swiping objects off the side

This is inherent predatory behaviour. Instead of waiting for that pepper grinder to move itself, cats will create their own movement in inanimate objects by swatting them. And if they get a reaction from their owner, well, then their work is done.

Drinking water from your glass

Cats can be fussy when it comes to water and prefer to drink away from their food bowl, so will often go for their owner’s glass instead.

Getting up high

Cats love to be up high because it gives them chance to examine their kingdom in peace.


Cats generally don’t meow at each other it is just a method of communication they use for humans to get our attention.


This usually happens when your cat is happy, but can also occur when they are in pain to soothe themselves.


Kneading is a sign of feeling safe and relaxed.

Tail twitching while interacting with them  

This is them – politely – telling you to back off.


Direct, fixed eye contact is threatening in cat body language, so watch out! The cat is in full predatory mode here and could pounce at any time.

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