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Published On: Thu, Sep 9th, 2021

Doctor Strange 2 theory: What If Zombies Bucky Captain America is in Multiverse of Madness | Films | Entertainment

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR WHAT IF…ZOMBIES?! Next year, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness hits cinemas and we’ve been wondering if the Disney+ animated show What If…? is helping set up some superhero variants to feature in the live-action blockbuster. Today’s episode considered What If…? a zombie apocalypse broke out in the MCU around the events of Avengers Infinity War.

Early on in the episode, Avengers like Iron Man and Captain America were bitten and became zombies while retaining their powers.

And during a thrilling subway scene, zombie Cap took on his old pal Bucky Barnes, before The Winter Soldier managed to slice undead Steve in half with his own shield.

Interestingly, Bucky kept the patriot piece of vibranium suggesting that in this universe he’s perhaps the new Captain America.

While later on in the episode The Winter Soldier fought zombie Scarlet Witch, only to be thrown into the air.

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Some have claimed that Bucky died in this moment, but it’s worth pointing out that we never saw what happened to him next.

Our best bet is that this zombie apocalypse-surviving Bucky Captain America will feature in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

After all, there are already rumours that Hayley Atwell’s Captain Carter from the first What If…? episode will appear.

But also an evil HYDRA Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans who may fight Sam Wilson’s new Captain America.

Plus, we’ve already got at least two Thors popping up in Thor Love and Thunder, so who knows if more will show up too.

Then there’s Kang the Conqueror to consider. His variant, He Who Remains, featured prominently in the Loki finale.

The time-travelling villain is due to be the main antagonist in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and we wouldn’t be surprised if his Council of Kangs turns up too. Just imagine a ton of Kang variants vs a ton of Marvel superhero variants – that’s the Avengers 5 we want to see.

What If…? and the MCU movies are streaming on Disney+ now.

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