Daily horoscope for August 19: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast –

Published On: Thu, Aug 19th, 2021

Daily horoscope for August 19: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

Today’s horoscope is particularly exciting because some of the changes will last a long time. One aspect – Uranus retrograde – will last until next year, so it’s time to adapt to the change and get on board. Express.co.uk reveals your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for August 19.

The Sun opposes Jupiter today, and recent excesses can come to light, demanding a change or shuffling of priorities, say the team at Cafe Astrology.com

The site reads: “At issue now are conflicting urges regarding what we think we should do and what we want to do.

“There are two areas of life where we have a particular need to shine, grow, and improve, represented by the Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Aquarius, but these may seem to be in direct conflict with one another at this time.

“Culminations or unexpected changes in a project or goal might occur, and this can be a time for reaping the rewards.

“The urge to grow and expand is strong. If we’ve been overreaching, however, it may be time to adjust our expectations.”

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Tarot.com picked the Chariot card for today, which is a good sign.

The site warns: “The information you pick up along the way may be just what you need to create your future.

“If travel is currently a consideration, it will continue to be one in the days ahead.

“The ultimate desire represented in the Chariot card is achieving your goals in order to embark on the undertakings that will become victories in your future.

“In this way, the Chariot relates to your aggressive stance at meeting your future head-on, and taking the victory instead of waiting for it to be given to you.”

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