Published On: Thu, Sep 16th, 2021

Big House Clear Out: Family ‘shocked’ as they make over £150 from clutter | Personal Finance | Finance

Mum Kelly and dad Paul have spent the last nine years renting; however, they wanted a place of their own. They bought their own house, however they have no space because they have piles of clothing, boxes and toys everywhere.

After clearing out their things, the family discovered they had 672 CDs, 330 DVDs and 853 books.

Visiting a car boot sale to tackle their clutter, they managed to get rid of items they no longer needed or wanted, and altogether, they made an amazing sale of over £150.

The family started the day with just £50 so they were amazed at the amount they made from things they barely use.

They were able to get rid of 75 percent of their things.

Unless he can get himself together, Mr Knowles explains he will not be able to help them.

“It’s harder than I thought it would be, but we will get there,” he explained

At the end of the programme, the family were completely shocked with how neat their house was. It was organised and spacious thanks to the renovation. They had made some tough choices concerning which items to bin but it was all worth it in the end.

Before the renovation, an estate agent valued their house at £270,000. Since the makeover happened, their house is now worth £300,000, showing an amazing increase of £30,000, which has the potential to transform their finances should they choose to sell in the future.

This was Mr Knowles team’s hardest job so far, as it was the smallest property they had visited. The family had a lot of items, but since the renovation, a lot of space to work with.

They have a fully renovated house with less clutter and have learnt some tips to save money and sell their unwanted items.

Kelly said: “I hated living here, it’s constantly stressful. But walking in here now all the stress has now gone. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

Mr Knowles finished by providing advice for other Britons who may have too much clutter in their home.

He simply said: “One thing in, another thing out!” The simple rule has the potential to help individuals avoid clutter and potentially make money in the process.

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